Sustainable Beer – Innovations & Progress

sustainable beer is top concern of customers and brewers

Sustainable beer has always been one of the top concerns of customers and brewers. With studies showing 59% of beer consumers are willing to pay more for a sustainably produced beer, improving sustainability of beer is good for the environment and good for business. 

Sustainable beer challenges through beer journey

Here’s a quick summary of where emissions are incurred through the grain-to-glass journey of beer.  As you can see KegLink empowers brewers to improve sustainability through the critical ‘last leg’ of beer production from brewery-to-glass. 

sustainable beer with KegLink
Our IoT keg tracking solution can play huge role in the journey of beer

As a sustainable brewery, what should you do NOW? 

If you want to know more about how KegLink can help you reduce environmental impacts, see Untapped Potential. 

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Fresh Insights and Fresher Beer. Binary Beer.

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