Manage your keg fleet

Turn your kegs into clever kegs

  • Michael Burton

    Michael Burton


    Our ‘fearless leader’, Michael has always been a ‘tech wiz-kid’ inventing and developing solutions to everyday problems. With an interest in ham radio and home brewing, Michael has the knowledge and the skills to harness new technologies to create useful solutions.

  • Brooke Burton

    Brooke Burton


    Keeps the team running. Brooke has experience in the structure and management of businesses and teams. She brings these skills to Binary Beer to help ensure that our team works together to deliver streamlined service to our customers.

  • Ellie Lezcano

    Ellie Lezcano


    Works with our tech team to ensure we can provide the best possible solutions at an affordable price point.

  • Scotty Morgan

    Scotty Morgan

    Commercial Manager

    Scotty has decades experience in the brewing industry and in depth knowledge of the challenges faced by brewers both big and small in keeping the beer flowing. Scotty has worked closely with our tech team to ensure that the data we collect is analyzed to give useful business insights, delivering great value to our customers.

  • James Rule

    James Rule

    IoT Architect

    Working with cutting edge technology means that we are always pushing on the edge of industry knowledge and learning new ways to use the technology. James is our team expert in understanding new technologies and finding ways to apply them to our product.

  • Ethan Dunne

    Ethan Dunne

    Hardware Developer

    New technologies need new equipment to use them. This is Ethans specialty. Designing and creating the actual ‘things’ that can harness new technology developments and put them to a specific purpose.

  • Clint Shumack

    Clint Shumack

    Data Scientist

    Data is great, Insights are better. Clint takes all the data collected by our devices, slices and dices it and makes useful insights appear. The magic he does makes the difference between ‘tracking’ and ‘monitoring’.

  • Aidan Andrews

    Aidan Andrews

    Web Developer

    Of course all the information in the world is only useful if you can use it. Aidan takes the data and makes it accessible over the web in the form of reports, maps and visuals that can be easily used in a business environment.


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