The Binary Cloud

Delivering data-driven beer insights

AI-powered draught beer insights platform gives brewers never-before-seen data on their kegs and beer in the market. 


Beer Data as a Service

Turn Insights into Action

The Binary Cloud offers brewers a user-friendly online platform, delivering comprehensive visibility and invaluable data for informed decision-making in draught beer operations.
Powered by machine learning and AI-driven algorithms, the Binary Cloud continuously refines its insights, making it an essential tool for monitoring fleet activities, optimising supply chain operations, and pinpointing areas for improvement.

With its customisable interface and robust features, including real-time data feeds, on-demand reporting, and customisable alerts, the Binary Cloud equips breweries with essential insights to drive efficiency, streamline operations, and boost profitability.

The Binary Cloud Features

Feature-Rich Platform


Location Map

Visualise the real-time location of your kegs on an interactive map.



Stay informed with customisable alerts that notify you of important events and anomalies in real-time.



Generate tailored reports to track key metrics and measure performance according to your specific needs.



See an overview of your beer’s status and fleet distribution at a glance.



Dive deep into your beer data with analytics tools to uncover insights and trends.


API Integration

Integrate our platform with your existing systems and workflows using our API.

Binary Cloud Highlights

Giving Brewers Complete Visibility


Track keg locations anytime, anywhere.


Monitor beer freshness and temperature in trade.


Trace your kegs' journey beyond the brewery.


Identify when kegs are ready for collection.


Access venue and distribution summaries.


Review the event history of each keg.


Generate automated batch reports detailing filling and beer types.

Explore the Power of Actionable Insights

Discover how our smart keg solution turns data into opportunities for every department.

Loved By Our Customers

Client Testimonials

What I love about BinaryBeer is that once the configuration process is complete, it just works. The sensors are out and about gathering data and seamlessly integrate into our processes without any friction. There is minimal work required on our end to manage our keg fleet and we now have a complete picture our assets.

Phil O’Shea
5 Barrel Brewing

We’ve only just launched this project and we’re already seeing our beers moving throughout our European markets. I am glad to see this data coming back to us in real-time, providing us with tremendous insights to improve our overall operations.

David Bidau
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Asahi Europe & International

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Want data-driven beer insights?

Contact us to learn more about our smart keg solution and how it can benefit your brewery.

Get in Touch

Want data-driven beer insights?

Contact us to learn more about our smart keg solution and how it can benefit your brewery.