Organisation-Wide Benefits

Holistic Brewery Management

BinaryBeer’s smart keg solution empowers growth and drives performance across multiple brewery departments.



Harnessing BinaryBeer’s smart keg solution yields substantial financial advantages for breweries, delivering tangible financial benefits and positioning them for sustained success and profitability.


Maximise ROI

Optimise keg fleet utilisation to maximise return on investment for each keg in operation, maximizing revenue potential.

Lower CapEx and OpEx

Reduce costs by minimising keg replacements and the  Breweries can achieve cost savings by minimizing the need for keg replacements and the number of weeks in trade, increasing overall operational efficiency.

Increase Revenue Streams

Real-time insights into customer stock levels empower breweries to capitalise on sales opportunities, maintain customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.



BinaryBeer is transforming logistics operations with precise visibility into the location and status of kegs throughout the supply chain. This equips breweries with the tools they need to significantly improve their supply chain efficiency and reduce costs.

Supply Chain Visibility

Track your kegs’ locations in real-time, ensuring continuous monitoring around the clock.

Prevent Keg Loss & Theft

Take control of your keg fleet by swiftly identifying misplaced kegs, pinpoint kegs in scrap metal yards, and receive alerts for tampering attempts.

Optimise Distribution Routes

Identify underperforming locations, streamline inefficient logistics routes, and uncover supply chain deficiencies.

Turn Kegs Faster

Identify empty kegs ready for collection to ensure swift movement and optimal utilisation of kegs.

Detect Keg Pooling

Identify pooled kegs at distribution centres, streamlining the supply chain and minimising bottlenecks.

Improve Inventory Management

Monitor keg levels, anticipate demand, and ensure sufficient stock is available to meet production requirements, thereby minimising stockouts and production delays.


For the first time, breweries can now monitor beer freshness and temperature throughout its journey, from keg filling to tap service. The Binary Cloud provides your quality department with real-time insights to maintain the highest standards of beer excellence.


Safeguard Brand Reputation

Ensure every pour meets your quality standards, preserving taste and aroma with precise temperature and freshness monitoring.

Proactive Quality Management

Stay ahead of potential issues by accessing timely data on beer conditions, enabling proactive interventions to maintain optimal product quality and customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Operations

Improve operational efficiency with batch reporting capabilities, allowing for detailed analysis of brewing processes and continuous quality improvement.

Optimise Forecasting

By gaining insight into real-time customer stock levels, you can predict demand, streamline production planning, and mitigate potential stock shortages.


Sales & Marketing

Empower your sales and marketing teams with data-driven decision-making to drive sales, boost revenue and outperform competitors.

Optimise Sales Efforts

Increase the conversion rate of sales efforts by understanding customer behavior and preferences

Protect Contracts

Increase repeat sales by protecting tap contracts and ensuring timely reorders.

Address Blind Spots

Identify and address limited sales insights and marketing blind spots to maximize revenue opportunities

Enhance Marketing Strategies

Tailor marketing strategies effectively by gathering real-time data on customer preferences and reactions to marketing campaigns.

Maximize Revenue

Avoid revenue loss by gaining visibility into consumption rates, popular products, and customer trends in different locations.


With BinaryBeer, breweries can tackle sustainability challenges head-on, reduce their environmental footprint, and move towards more eco-friendly operations.


Reduce Energy Consumption

Insights that allow you to implement strategies to reduce fuel consumption and eliminate spoilage waste.

Inform Keg Purchase Decisions

Make informed decisions when purchasing kegs, optimising utilisation and minimising waste.

Optimise Transport

Identify opportunities to optimize logistics routes, minimizing fuel consumption and reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

Loved By Our Customers

Client Testimonials

What I love about BinaryBeer is that once the configuration process is complete, it just works. The sensors are out and about gathering data and seamlessly integrate into our processes without any friction. There is minimal work required on our end to manage our keg fleet and we now have a complete picture our assets.

Phil O’Shea
5 Barrel Brewing

We’ve only just launched this project and we’re already seeing our beers moving throughout our European markets. I am glad to see this data coming back to us in real-time, providing us with tremendous insights to improve our overall operations.

David Bidau
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Asahi Europe & International

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Want data-driven beer insights?

Contact us to learn more about our smart keg solution and how it can benefit your brewery.

Get in Touch

Want data-driven beer insights?

Contact us to learn more about our smart keg solution and how it can benefit your brewery.