Active Keg Monitoring

KegLink™ Keg Tracking & Draught Beer Management

Know where your keg is and how it is being treated

From brewery to tap and back again

No matter what size your brewery, getting kegs in the door to refill & resell is a pain.

Of course it is, you’re sending your valuable kegs into the world and handing control of them over to customers & logistics partners who have no responsibility to return them to you in a timely manner.

This means your kegs are spending way too long, sitting idle in warehouses and venues rather than making you money!

Remember, stationary kegs grow legs!

Brewers have devised numerous ways to ease this burden, but they all have the same fatal flaw… Kegs Move!

Scanners, stickers and excel spreadsheets tell you where your kegs are when things are already working correctly. But what you need to know most are where your kegs are when things aren’t working correctly.

World First Active Keg Tracking Solution

No matter where your keg is, KegLink is tracking & reporting its location and temperature back to you.

In a cool room, on a truck, even at a scrap metal yard (real-life example!) KegLink gives you visibility over your entire keg fleet 24/7.

We have spent 3 years working with brewers of all sizes to develop and test a tracking solution that keeps brewers connected with their kegs throughout the distribution cycle. With kegs tracked across 4 continents, KegLink is tried and tested and ready for your brewery.

With KegLink, breweries of all sizes have access to accurate and timely data to improve their business operations and protect their reputation.  Upgrade your existing kegs to smart kegs and they will automatically report back to you through our easy to use web platform. On desktop or mobile, you have full visibility over your fleet and with customizable SMS and email alerts; you know as soon as something needs your attention.

Better Data Makes For Better Decisions

With KegLink, your kegs will report data directly to you no matter
where they are. No more missed scans or calling around to find kegs. Accurate live data is available to you at the tips of your fingers through the global NB-IoT network, your kegs will be connected with the most reliable, efficient and cost effective network available globally.

KegLink has been created specifically for the draught beer industry, taking into account the harsh conditions a keg endures which make kegs a unique asset for tracking. Rough treatment, low connectivity and long periods away from the brewery; KegLink is tried and tested to ensure you receive reliable data from your kegs no matter where they are.

KegLink doesn’t just tell you where your kegs are on a map. Location and temperature data is processed through our proprietary machine learning algorithms to give you insights that can help your whole business. Sales teams gain a competitive advantage with unprecedented customer behaviour data, finance departments can reduce capital expenditure and free up cash flow, while live in-field stock take and collection reports improve production & logistics efficiencies.

Fast installation

Fast and easy with one tool installation.
KegLink sensors can be installed in less than 1 minute and can last for 5 years on a single battery. It only requires one tool and can be done by anyone. Sensors are delivered to your brewery already functioning so you can be up and running on the same day.

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More than just a keg tracker

Sell More Beer!

By giving you an in‑depth understanding of your customer’s stock levels, consumption rates and the conditions from brewery to bar, KegLink gives you all the information you need to stop losing taps and to guarantee a premium service for your customers.

Make Great Beer!

Monitor the freshness of beer in trade to maintain your reputation and always have your kegs when you need them to “keep the beer flowing“.

Automate Your Keg Fleet

KegLink delivers valuable insights about your business outside the brewery. Logistics channels, warehousing, distributor stock levels and customer insights are all reported through the KegLink portal.

Make More Profit

With real time inventory reporting and faster keg turns KegLink allows you to reduce capital expenditure by getting more out of your existing keg fleet, run a much leaner inventory increasing cash flow and reduce expenses for labour, distribution & waste.

Find out how KegLink can benefit your business