Transforming ordinary kegs into smart kegs

BinaryBeer’s KegLink™ sensor enables brewers to stay connected to their kegs once they leave the brewery.

Not Just a “Keg Tracker”

Intelligent Draught Beer Monitoring



Track your kegs from anywhere. Instantly access their locations, duration of stay and transit times.



Monitor your beer’s freshness in each keg from the brewery to the tap.


Tap Time

Coupler detection shows when beer is tapped and the duration it remains on tap.



Monitor the temperatures your beer is exposed to with fine-degree temperature tracking.



Track activity and idle times to deepen your understanding of the journey through the supply chain.


Identify if a keg is flipped, a key indicator if a keg is being cleaned, refilled or ready for collection.

Connecting Kegs to the Internet

Gain Control and Visibility with KegLink™

KegLink is a state-of-the-art IoT (Internet of Things) device that brings intelligence and connectivity to your kegs, providing real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities without the need for scanning.

Keglink sensors continuously record the location and status of each keg at predefined intervals and upload the data directly to the Binary Cloud Platform via the 5G cellular network.

The data undergoes analysis in the cloud through AI and machine learning algorithms. This process generates comprehensive reports for brewers, offering insights into the beer’s lifecycle for optimised management and complete visibility.

Pioneering Technology

Next-Gen Capabilities


Superior Connectivity

5G delivers secure, wide-reaching, cost-effective connectivity, ensuring reliable monitoring even in tough locations like underground or cool rooms.


Advanced Geolocation

Cloud-based geolocation engine uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and cell signals to achieve precise location tracking indoors and out, powered by AI.


Long Battery Life

Optimised data usage and upload rates paired with with smart firmware and IoT protocols extends battery life to over 10 years.


Quick & Easy Install

KegLink can be installed in under 20 seconds, thanks to our globally patented, weld-free method, ensuring quick and secure upgrades directly on-site.


Durable Design

With IP69K ingress protection and IK10 shock ratings, KegLink™ is robust and theft-resistant, enduring the intense demands of keg use.


Fits Most Kegs

KegLink’s versatile design ensures a perfect fit for a wide range of keg sizes making it a universal solution for your keg tracking needs.

Transform Your Brewery with Smart Keg Technology

See our Technology in Action

The Binary Cloud

Real Time Monitoring
Advanced Keg Tracking
Intuitive Cloud Platform
Powerful Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing KegLink sensors is a quick and easy process that transforms your kegs into smart, IoT-enabled assets. It takes 20 seconds per sensor, requiring just one tool and no special skills. Simply place the sensor under the keg’s rim, tighten it securely, and perform a quick test. This straightforward method ensures no keg damage, downtime, or safety compliance issues, and it doesn’t interfere with brewery equipment.

KegLink sensors are built to last, with a robust battery life that typically exceeds 5 years and, can be configured to extend to over 10 years. Their lifespan is determined by how often the brewery wants them to upload data to the cloud.

KegLink sensors are highly secure and resistant to tampering, as they are firmly fastened to the kegs using a specialised tool. Some brewers opt for additional security by sealing the attachment points with epoxy, although this may complicate future servicing. Moreover, KegLink sensors come equipped with a smart ‘tamper detection’ feature, instantly notifying brewers of any attempted interference, allowing them to take prompt action to safeguard their kegs.

If your KegLink sensors stop working at any time during your subscription, you can simply return it to us and we will replace it at no cost, excluding cases of malicious damage.

KegLink is designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of keg sizes, but not all. Currently, our Keglink sensors fit on:

  • Sixtels
  • Quarter Barrels
  • Half Barrels
  • Slim 20’s
  • Euro/Din 20, 30 and 50

If you are interested in monitoring different keg sizes or rubber kegs, please get in touch with us to discuss other options.

KegLink is an IoT (Internet of Things) smart keg solution that uses sensors to gather data on keg location, temperature, freshness, and more. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanners, on the other hand, use radio waves to identify and track tags attached to objects. Keglink offers superior tracking with live data throughout the distribution chain, requiring no extra infrastructure or human intervention. In contrast, RFID scanners offer basic tracking through manual scanning without providing live data, connectivity or automated insights.

No, you don’t need to equip every keg with a KegLink device to see the benefits. By selectively installing devices on a small portion of your fleet, you can still gain valuable insights, identify theft, streamline operations, and locate stockpiles efficiently.

Absolutely, your kegs can be tracked internationally with KegLink. We leverage global 5G cellular technology and roaming capabilities to ensure seamless monitoring across borders. To confirm connectivity, contact us to discuss the specific SIM and roaming profile best suited for your destinations. Let us know the countries you’re targeting, and we’ll work with our telecom partners to ensure the best coverage for your kegs.

You can access the data on your fleet through our Binary Cloud platform. This platform provides a user-friendly interface where you can view real-time information and insights. Accessible from any device with internet connectivity, the Binary Cloud allows you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions to optimise your operations.

Yes, you can track your kegs even when using third-party distributors. Our smart keg technology allows you to monitor the location and status of your kegs in real-time, regardless of where they are in the distribution chain.

KegLink is tailored for the brewery industry, ensuring optimal monitoring within this industry.  

For tracking needs in other sectors, we offer specialised sensors designed to meet a variety of industry requirements. Discover our full range of solutions at

KegLink services come with a minimum subscription period, offering lower monthly rates for longer terms. If you decide to cancel within this period, you will still be liable to pay for the remaining period. After this initial term, the service switches to a flexible month-to-month plan, allowing you to cancel with one month’s written notice post.

Get in Touch

Want data-driven beer insights?

Contact us to learn more about our smart keg solution and how it can benefit your brewery.

Get in Touch

Want data-driven beer insights?

Contact us to learn more about our smart keg solution and how it can benefit your brewery.