Rubber Top & Encased Kegs — Our Next Challenge in Keg Tracking

Arrows highlight the edge of the keg where a sensor has been installed.

Some of the world’s best brewers, who are seriously dedicated to beer freshness, have a different way of doing things. Plastic encased kegs?! Well, we never! But we should, so now we are.

Stacked silver metal kegs with black rubber tops
Rubber topped, or plastic encased kegs aren't the norm for brewers, but they are used.
Sometimes you have to take apart a keg to improve a keg.

Working with a specialist engineer, we started the fun of destroying a keg in order to improve a keg. This is our latest step in the innovation process that’s core to how Binary Beer has developed.


The big challenge is that rubber encased kegs are difficult to attach IoT sensors to. They don’t have any rolled rims or “grabby bits” for a sensor to hook into and the only grabby bits are the hand holes which are already important for handling.

We initially devised an attachment plan that would make MacGyver proud, but learned that space needs to be allocated for the locating rings on kegs atop each other when stacking.

Working with Hans from HHH (our local “no job too hard” engineering genius) we found a way to reliably attach our sensors. He also made sure they were in a location that would face our coupler detection sensor, while still not affecting the stackability of the kegs.


Two men in orange hi-vis safety wear are using a screwdriver to attache a sensor device to the top of a keg.
Engineers really are wizards.

A couple of calibration tweaks in the cloud, and voila! Our prototyped encased-keg sensor is freshly installed and ready to be of service to the world’s freshest rubber-keg-encased beers.

Arrows highlight the edge of the keg where a sensor has been installed.
There it is! A Binary Beer sensor installed on a rubber topped keg.

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