Keg Management: Calculate The TRUE Cost

Kegs are in high demand. The wait on ordering new kegs is 6 months or more, and renting kegs can be hit and miss during peak season. If you need more kegs, don’t lose hope – there is a way to make 10 of your existing kegs do the work of 14 kegs. If you are trying to find out the most efficient way for your brewery’s keg management, you can not miss Binary Beer’s keg calculator. 

Cue cheesy infomercial voice. 

With Binary Beer sensors you can better use the kegs already in your fleet. Save money on the supply of kegs, save money on lost taps, and save time chasing rogue kegs. Want proof? Check out our free, simple to use keg calculator.

Simply enter 6 numbers specific to your operations, or your best guess, or you can leave the pre-filled industry averages and see how it comes out.

  1. Number of kegs in fleet
  2. Percentage of keg fleet lost per year
  3. Average sale price for one keg
  4. Total number of tap contracts
  5. Number of kegs sold per year
  6. Hours spent per week chasing kegs

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