Venue Monitoring: No More Mystery Venues

mystery keg location

Kegs going to mystery venues seems to be quite a common phenomenon, which is a venue monitoring issue that any brewery needs to solve for better growth.

Sometimes some kegs somehow end up in venues that are not on the books. This could mean that an employee at a venue is selling your beer onto someone else, or your keg has been lost in the supply chain. 

So what is a mystery venue?

We list our kegs being in Mystery venues when they are exhibiting behaviour of being at a venue while being outside of the geo-fence of an offical venue that a brewery conducts business with.

A geo-fence is a customisable area around a venue. When a KegLink is inside this virtual boundary, it is listed as being at a ‘known location’. Depending on the size of a location, the radius of the geo-fence can be changed so no matter the size of a location, it can fit within the border of the geo-fence.

geo-fence: an useful tool for venue monitoring
Geo-fence: a tool for venue monitoring

Users of our Binary Beer platform will know that there are multiple location groups, which can be the Brewery, Warehouses and Venues. As an example, these are all geo-fenced and alerts can be set for when your kegs come and go from these locations.

real-time keg location tracking/venue monitoring
Real-time keg location tracking with Binary Beer technology

What's the big deal?

When a keg is not within these geo-fenced areas, it is listed as ‘in transit’.

However we have been noticing more and more frequently that kegs listed as ‘in transit’ are exhibiting the same behaviours as a keg that is at a venue.

keg responds to temperature change - insights from our platform
Keg responds to temperature change

Typically, as a keg begins to be drunk its temperature begins to fluctuate more and more as the less mass an object has, the more responsive to temperature change it is. This can be seen above. You can also see that this is happening while in transit.

Why is beer being drunk at a mystery venue a bad thing?

When there is a keg going to a venue that is off the books, it can lead to multiple negative things: The brewery cannot build a mutually beneficial relationship with the venue, the keg turn rate would be dramatically increased as there is an extra step in the supply chain and quality cannot be ensured when a venue is so far removed from the brewery. See The Tale of Darwin Keg – a famous keg tracking story at Binary Beer

Using the KegLink can allow for you to stay on top of where your beer is and making sure it is kept within official locations. Knowing what is happening with your beer is the best thing for your customers and your business. Enabling the best quality, the fastest turn rates and the best customer relationships.

Reach out to us here and learn how we can help you stay on top of your fleet and make sure there is no funny business.

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