IoT Keg Tracking: KegLink’s Place Tags

Place Tags on IoT keg tracking platform

As a brewery, your supply chain is crucial to your success. From sourcing the best ingredients to ensuring the timely delivery of your products, there are many components to consider. With the increasing competition in the beer industry, it is essential to provide top-notch customer service and optimise your operations. This is where KegLink comes in with Place Tags – a powerful tool for IoT keg tracking and brewery growth.

 1. What are Place Tags?

Place Tags are a feature on our platform, that allows you to create groupings of places in your supply chain. If you try our demo, you can find Place Tags easily after logging in. 

Place Tags can be found easily after you log in to Binary Beer IoT keg tracking platform


Place Tags can be found easily after you log in to your demo account

1.1 What can you do with KegLink’s Place Tags? 

You can assign multiple tags to one place and use these tags to create alerts for specific locations. This makes it easy to identify physical locations within your supply chain, so you can quickly view their status and take action where necessary.

1.2 How to Use Place Tags in conjunction with IoT keg tracking solution

To use Place Tags, simply create a new tag via the green plus icon in the top right corner of the Places page.

Create a new tag via green plus icon of Places page on our IoT keg tracking platform


You can find the plus icon easily on Places page

create a place tag for better keg tracking


Create a Place tag, give it a tag name and description for better keg tracking

Place Tag is successfully created for better keg tracking


Place Tag is successfully created

Once you have created your tag, go back to Places page to assign the tag to each location you would like to add to the tag by opening the Edit Place feature for each location.


Track each keg location


Go back to Places page to assign the tag to each customer

a solution for brewery for better customer service - edit feature


Edit Place feature helps you to manage your tag better

2. Place Tags can benefit your brewery

Here are some ways that Place Tags can benefit your brewery:

2.1 Support Customer Service with Real-time Tracking

Our IoT keg tracking solution is not just about knowing your kegs’ locations. It is also about how brewery owners can have valuable insights about customers for better customer service. With KegLink’s Place Tags, you can easily identify and group high-priority customers or specific shipping locations.

For example, if you have a customer who requires extra attention to ensure freshness, you can tag them as “High Maintenance” and create alerts for all incoming and outgoing shipments. This ensures that you never miss a beat when it comes to delivering quality beer at the right time.

Alerts feature for real time IoT keg tracking


An example of Alerts feature – real-time IoT keg tracking

2.2 Benefit Your Sales Team

If you have a growing sales team, you can use Place Tags to allocate each member’s specific locations. Salespeople can receive alerts specifically for their assigned locations, and open the map page to filter by their tag to view their customer’s status quickly. This allows your sales team to be more focused, to respond to customers’ demands more quickly and accurately. Find out how KegLink – our IoT keg tracking solution – helped a mid-size brewery increase their sales and protect their reputation.

growing sales team in brewery gets benefited


Sales team has better knowledge about customer inventory/stock level – better customer service, better sales

2.3 Assist in Decision Making

Let’s say you are the owner of a craft brewery that uses real-time IoT keg tracking technology to monitor your supply chain. You distribute your beer to different bars and restaurants in the area. After that, you’re considering expanding your distribution to a new region.

By using Place Tags, you can identify the physical locations where your beer is sold and track their performance in real time. You can analyse data on each location’s sales, customer traffic, and inventory levels, as well as the temperature and pressure of the kegs.

Meanwhile, you might discover one of your beers is selling particularly well in a certain type of bar or restaurant. This information can help you identify trends and make decisions about which beers to promote in the new region. (See what insights our customer got after collaborating with us and installing our KegLink)

IoT keg tracking platform for better decision making


One of our customers (Five Barrel Brewing) is on our platform.

You might also find out if the keg temperature is consistent across all locations. Accordingly, you know if you should optimise your supply chain and logistics to ensure that your beer arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

Additionally, Place Tags is useful if you want to track the success of specific promotions or marketing campaigns at different locations. The data from your IoT keg tracking system can also be used to measure the impact on sales and customer engagement.


In sum, Place Tags is a powerful tool for brewery growth. They can support customer service, benefit your sales team, and assist decision-making. By using Place Tags to organise and manage your supply chain, you can optimise your operations and provide exceptional service to your customers. So, why not try our demo today/or contact us via [email protected] and see how KegLink’s Place Tags can benefit your brewery?

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