Binary Beer Launches KegLink 5G Smart Keg Solution for US Market in Partnership with Kegshoe

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SYDNEY, NSW, 9th MAY 2023 – Australian IoT innovator Binary Beer announces the launch of its latest generation KegLink sensor, tailored for the US market in partnership with Kegshoe. As the world’s first 5G Smart Keg technology, KegLink aims to streamline the sales, quality and supply chain of draught beer.

The innovative new sensor design supports all stainless keg sizes, including US sixtel, quarter, and half barrel kegs, and features a weld-free attachment for easy on-site installation. The laser coupler detection enables real-time visibility into what’s on tap and what’s ready for collection at licensees, optimizing sales and distribution.

Michael Burton, CEO of Binary Beer, said, “Our third-generation KegLink shows that Smart Keg technology is ready for rapid global scale. Our partnership with Kegshoe allows us to support this innovative solution in the US market and beyond, revolutionizing the way breweries manage their keg inventory.”

Adrian Pawliszko, CEO of Kegshoe, added, “The integration of KegLink with the Kegshoe platform provides breweries, distributors, and lessors with a comprehensive and seamless keg management solution, improving efficiency and sustainability in a time when it’s most needed.”

This milestone represents the continued expansion of Australian-grown smart keg technology into new global markets. The integration with Kegshoe, a leading keg tracking software company, enhances inventory visibility and efficiency for businesses in the beverage industry.


About Binary Beer

Binary Beer is an Australian Massive IoT innovator providing world-class solutions for the brewing industry. Their flagship product, KegLink, is the world’s first 5G Smart Keg technology designed to revolutionize keg management processes. For more information, visit

About Kegshoe

Kegshoe is a leading Canada-based keg tracking company offering comprehensive keg management solutions to breweries, distributors, and other businesses in the beverage industry. For more information, visit

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