Ask most business owners why they are in business and they’ll tell you “to make money”. Ask craft brewers and you will hear “to make great beer”.

Craft brewers are artisans, aiming to create a better beer, an enhanced experience, and a relationship between their beer and their fans. Money is important, it’s the fuel that keeps the lights on, and the tanks fermenting. But the passion is for beer.

That’s why we knew that creating a product that would improve the efficiency and cash flow of breweries wasn’t enough. We had to create a product that would improve the beer experience. This was the birth of “keg monitoring”.

When we spoke to brewers their worst moments in business weren’t late nights or equipment failure, they were when they found their beer was being served stale. This story really stuck with us:

I was looking at untapped and found on one Friday night there were 3 negative reviews for my pale ale at a venue. I looked over the venues orders and realized they hadn’t ordered any of that beer for over 3 months! They were serving stale beer and killing my reputation!

Sound familiar? All the care, effort and expense to make the best beer, only to send it out to a venue that just doesn’t care.

We realised that the only way for brewers to have peace of mind and to know their beer was being served fresh was to create a way to keep brewers connected to their kegs throughout the distribution chain.

KegLink™ keeps brewers connected to their kegs (and the beer inside) from the brewery to the drinker and back again. Kegs report their location, temperature and other vital signs to brewers in real time, with customisable reporting and alerts so brewers know what is happening to their beer and can intervene if they see a problem brewing (pun intended!).

One stale keg can cost thousands of dollars in repeat sales. Even more if you consider that a drinker who didn’t like your ‘pale’, is unlikely to try your ‘amber’ (or any other variety). Using KegLink™ you can ensure that your beer is never served stale.

That’s the kind of guarantee that can really set your beer apart!

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