Find out how much your kegs are really costing you


With Binary Beer you can

Save $30,195.00

Get Back 2.6 weeks of your life

Without buying any new kegs or adding new taps

Each year you are losing

$750.00 replacing kegs

$29,250.00 in tap revenue

$3,120.00 and 104 hours chasing kegs

We do this by

Eliminating Keg loss
(it's not lost when you know where it is)

Reducing tap loss by 90%

Knowing where your kegs are 24/7

Cost to install Binary Beer

Years 1 : $4,100.00

Each year after : $1,200.00

ROI (First Year): 736.46%

25% tap churn per year. Consumption rate per tap = 1 keg per fortnight. Labour cost $30/hr.

Receive 10 sensors, and a year's subscription, for only


keg with keglink sensor

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Price excludes GST.

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