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The Tale of Darwin Keg. A rogue, a wanderer, a solitary soul with a lesson for us all.
KegLink’s ingress protection rating was officially upgraded from IP67 to IP69K – the highest rating on the ingress protection (IP) scale! ​​
Coupler detection technology unlocks an incredible amount of value for the brewer and we are continuing to discover and develop new ways it can
How brewers can mitigate one of their greatest sources of environmental emissions: transportation and downstream logistics ​​
Do you really need to buy more kegs? Take 3 minutes to read this and you could save thousands in new keg costs Step

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Frequently Asked Questions

5 years +

The hardware is designed and tested to last for at least 10 years.

Battery life is 5 years + on a single D Cell battery.

Bulletproof Guarantee: At any time during your subscription period, if your sensor stops working, simply send it to us and we will replace it free of charge. (Malicious damage not covered!)


While we find that the lease model works for most brewers, we understand that 1-size doesn’t fit all. If you would like to pay upfront, or discuss your own payment split between up-front & subscription, simply contact us on 1800 BINARY.


For orders over 5,000, please contact us to discuss a personalized pricing plan.


The KegLink sensor is attached to your keg using a specialist tool. Without the tool, the sensors can’t be removed. For extra security, some brewers like to fill the attachment points with epoxy, but this does make it harder to service the sensors at the end of battery life.

KegLink sensors are also fitted with ‘tamper detection’ which sends an ‘SOS’ alert directly to you, so you can intervene and save your kegs.

At any time during your subscription, if your sensor stops working simply send it to us and we will replace it free of charge. (Malicious damage not included)


KegLink is designed to fit Stainless Steel EURO & DIN sized kegs. The sensors don’t fit on metal skinny style or rubber kegs (yet!).

If you are interested in monitoring rubber or skinny style kegs, please get in touch with us on 1800 BINARY to discuss other options.


We offer full servicing of your sensors, including battery replacement, absolutely free as a part of our service.  Simply send your sensor to our office and we will replace/refurbish it free of charge.

KegLink has been specifically designed to suit the beer distribution system.

We also make other sensors for different industries, which you can check out on our website www.binarytech.io

There is a minimum time commitment to connect your kegs with KegLink. The price of your monthly subscription decreases the longer time you commit to.

Once your minimum commitment is over, KegLink will continue on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel anytime giving 1 month notice.

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