Revolutionary Technology protecting your car
...Because some things are irreplaceable



No wires, no limits. Hide the tracker inside your car and no-one but you knows it exists.


AA Battery powered

Lasts for up to XXX messages on a set of AA batteries.

Indoor protection

Transmitts in underground carparks, shipping containers, workshops – all places that traditional GPS trackers  wont.

SMS alerts

Customisable alerts. Know when your car leaves home and where it goes

Our experts

Michael is passionate about technology. 

Don’t settle for what’s already been done, look for what can be better.


Brooke loves cars! 

Okay, maybe not Camrys, but special cars. Elite, customised, historic cars. The kind that turn your head when you see them. The kind that you like too!

Brooke Burton


Ellie Lezcano

“I know there’s people out there who want to take my car. Sure I have insurance, but I’d still have to wait 12-18 months to replace it. I’d rather get MY car back right away” – Ed, Lamborghini Gallardo owner

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